MAQ's mission is a resourceful passion to promote the African continent in a beautiful light through an annual beauty pageant. The pageant will perpetuate the dreams of Africa, the spirit of African hope that tomorrow can be better for the millions of souls that suffer on the continent. The African Queen will lift the lid and point to an Africa that Africans and their descendants so desperately want to see. An Africa that is peaceful, prosperous, free of poverty and hunger, disease, pestilence, misery and strife. The African Queen offers compassion and understanding, where there is ignorance and darkness. The African Queen is a goodwill ambassador who will highlight and champion the cause of the African girl-child, the African woman, and the African mother, for there is plenty of evidence pointing to African women being the gender that carries the continent, particularly in the area of agriculture.

The African Queen draws on powerful grand narratives that transcend time and evoke the spirit of historical and mythological figures such as Cleopatra and Asanti wa, thus galvanising an existing force in the context of the twenty-first century.

Aligning the pageant with the annual African Union Heads of State AU summit, will give the annual pageant added significance, and credence, through working at the African Heads of State level, and will further assert the African Queen’s positive influence on the continent’s leaders. The African Queen pageant will synchronise its values and concerns with that of the African Union AU, there by initiating the Queen as AU Goodwill Ambassador actively involved in AU projects and concerns. It is a key strategic objective for the AQ (Co) Ltd to ensure that the Queen, the annual pageant, and its projects receive full endorsement and backing from the AU Heads of State.