The African Queen AQ (Co) Ltd, from here on in, referred to as the AQ (Co) Ltd, will be a unique business in that it will retain rights, through international trademark registration, to staging and exclusively marketing the biggest, and most hotly contested annual beauty pageant on the African continent. As a spin-off, the AQ (Co) Ltd will develop and market AQ brands and merchandise into the lucrative fashion, hair and beauty markets in Africa, Europe and Northern America. By focusing on building commercial and ethical value into ‘positive’ news and development issues from Africa. The AQ (Co) Ltd will offer an outstanding product range to Africa and the African Diaspora, and the developed world as a whole, and prove a substantial and increasingly lucrative investment for discerning financiers looking to invest conscientiously in Africa.

Equity finance and start up capital

The amount needed to finance the 2007 pageant in its entirety is approximately $1,100,000, with the Gambian based AQ (Co) Ltd itself requiring a further $2,500,000 over 5 years.

Based on sponsorship and advertising revenues of $2000000 PA, (this excludes merchandising sales and magazine advertising sales), the AQ (Co) Ltd will break even in the fourth quarter of the forth trading year.